Better Novel Outliner?

Note that I’m not trying to start a war of words, just asking for opinions:

3 years ago I bought Liquid Story Binder. In October, I plan to get Scrivener for Windows.

Both of them enable you to gather together all your character sketches, research and outline for a story in one place. Both offer ways to break things down and gather a project together.

Thing is: I find LSBXE has too many available options, and that it could distract you too much from the story itself.



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  • I am using Scrivener and really like it. I dumped all of my research in it and can scroll through it when needed. It has the option to write on a blank white sheet too. Hope this helps. I did the tutorial that comes with it and was up and running in less than two hours. I have not used Liquid Story Binder.

  • I have used Liquid Story and still use it for journaling but I recently bought Scrivener. I am an index card junkie. I spend a lot of money on index cards (colored ones especially). Scrivener has the index card corkboard and it’s super easy to use. Liquid Story doesn’t have it. Compared to the two, all in all, Scrivener is easier to navigate and I have only been using (and learning it) for a month. I feel that Liquid is for the smart person but if it were to add the index card technique I’d most likely use it instead.


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