One of the types of book type on the Kindle platform that I’ve read about writing is the memoir.

A memoir is in essence an autobiography, but of a subset of events. Isaac Asimov wrote 3 books about his life and all three volumes were immense.  Memoirs aren’t.

English: This image is a reproduction of an or...
English: This image is a reproduction of an original painting by renowned science-fiction and fantasy illustrator Rowena It depicts Dr. Isaac Asimov enthroned with symbols of his life’s work. Français : Peinture de Rowena Morill réprésentant Isaac Asimov sur un trône décoré des symboles de son œuvre littéraire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As well as giving more books and sales on Amazon, memoirs give a chance to provide your family with a written history of your life.

I have many events in my life that I could make into memoirs: my experiences during the Ice Storm here in Montreal in 1998, how I created several longtime publications, memories of two cats (one gone in 2007, one in 2010… these would definitely be non-fiction, so they wouldn’t be under my Bosulliman imprint. That’s for fiction only.



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