Trouble Separating Myself

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I’ve spoken on here before about my long delayed story. I won’t try to work on it  until my novel is done…. but since I’m still having trouble with it, I think that I know why:

The story is set during the Civil War in the USA. The major villain is a racist from the South.

Scott's great snake. Cartoon map illustrating ...
Scott’s great snake. Cartoon map illustrating Gen. Winfield Scott’s plan to crush the Confederacy, economically. It is sometimes called the “Anaconda plan.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m having the same kind of problems writing that villain as I did back then: I don’t like to get in his ugly frame of mind.

I know that I don’t think like him, and that as a writer I have to be willing to write ugliness at times. I hope that I can get past this.

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