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For my series (at least for the first 3 books) I plan to use Joseph Campbell‘s Hero’s Journey (actually the entire series arc will use much of it)

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I’ll use another plot form to shape the storyline too: the structure used for the original Star Wars trilogy in the late 70s through the early 80s. Not episodes I-III. I have my opinion on those, but they aren’t the focus of this blog nor the point of this post.

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Français : Logo de la trilogie original de Star Wars retouché. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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No Dark Lord or puppets planned. What I mean is that the second novel will be darker than the other books. Things will seem far more bleak for my heroes.

That actually follows the structure of most fiction: in order to make the story climax more satisfying to readers, the hero(es) need to have many challenges heaped on them.

The only change here is that this will happen in an entire book.

The best thing, I’ll have no Jar-Jar Binks!



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