My Actual Novel Illustrator

(This gives me more content for this blog… and few would read it on my project yet anyway.)

As I said in my project text, the image that I”m using right now for my project isn’t what I’ll ultimately go with. It’s better than what I can draw myself, but it’s pretty static, lacking the dynamics of what I’d most like. Plus, the artist’s plate is too busy right now to rework it.

For the style that I want I asked another illustrator that I’ve known for many years: Ty Templeton.

art by Ty Templeton. The Royal Flush Gang (c) 2013 by DC Entertainment.
art by Ty Templeton. The Royal Flush Gang (c) 2013 by DC Entertainment. 

He’s a teacher at Max the Mutt, a major animation school in Toronto, Canada, he also draws comics for a living. His series Stig’s Inferno is a classic.

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