A Small Change

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Things Have Got to Change
Things Have Got to Change (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve made a decision in two parts that will change this blog:

First, I’ve created new categories of a more personal nature. I think that focusing this blog on writing only has limited the number of times that I post to it. It hampers me from the notion of this being an author’s blog.

By opening it up, I’m hoping to come up with more posts, and to give more of an idea of what I’m like.

Second, I ultimately intend to move this blog to another provider. WordPress has been a good host, but it doesn’t permit me to raise funds from ads, nor does it make it easy for me to build up my mailing list.

This won’t affect you, but I think that I’ve found a reasonable-priced host. This won’t happen until I’ve published, though. I won’t spend money before I make some.

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