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I’m not putting this here to brag. I just want to show that I’m not a know-nothing in this field:

I began to write in my early teen years in the early 1980s. I took some Creative Writing courses in Junior College with mixed results. I went on to learn several other Arts then Cinema in University.

Comicbooks, science fiction, and tabletop roleplaying games are my passions, and I’m now using them as major parts of my writing life.

Comicbooks: In 1990 I founded an APA (Amateur Press Association) about comics. I left it after 17 years, but it’s still ongoing )I understand it’s electronic only).

In 2007 I created a fan magazine about them. It won an Aurora award (our Canadian equivalent to the Hugo).

Logo for the Prix Aurora Award
Logo for the Prix Aurora Award

Science Fiction: I’ve been submitting stories of it since 1999. Some of the concepts that I’ve created I’ll publish on the Kindle.

Role-Playing Games: For these, I’ve been really having success. I already have 11 publications for them since 1994, with more to come.

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From University I’m trained as a scriptwriter. I keep my skills sharp with the Script Frenzy

The Script Frenzy logo
The Script Frenzy logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

competition (done by the same people who do NaNoWriMo, which I also take part in. Note: as of 2013 Script Frenzy is no more).

Add to that numerous articles in various magazines and newsletters, and I write all the time.

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