Steampunk Omission

I forgot to mention an important aspect of Steampunk yesterday. It’s very important because it’s an element very common to all aspects of the genre: Both in terms of the visual style and the mannerisms of the genre, the basis is the Victorian era. So: many of the adult males have mutton chops or long handlebar […]

What is Steampunk?

There has been a large wave of fandom for this in the past few years. There’s even an anthology of comics (I tried for it; unfortunately I was early in my learning of the Scrivener app and, as a result, I blew it). With all of the popularity I will still try to explain it. […]

Cats and Writers

Today I’ll examine something less weighty; appropriate as it should not be a day for deep thoughts. It is Sunday, after all! What I’d like to discuss is how many writers (including me) have cats. My publishing imprint (Bosulliman Press) is based on a cat theme too. The origin of the name I’ll cover in […]

No Fiction While I Write

Let me explain: I write fiction, and I do read it and have my favorite authors (among them Isaac Asimov, Spider Robinson, Elmore Leonard and Mark Twain) but while I’m writing I don’t read other fiction. The reasons are many. First off are to avoid plagiarism. When I’m trying to keep my own voice in […]

In Praise of Mark Twain

This is later than I planned initially, so I’ll end up posting a few days in a row to compensate. I planned this post for Monday: I’m a great admirer of Mark Twain (born Samuel Clemens. Biographies here and here). He was a prolific author, a witty humorist and a man of many great quotes. […]

A Small Change

I’ve made a decision in two parts that will change this blog: First, I’ve created new categories of a more personal nature. I think that focusing this blog on writing only has limited the number of times that I post to it. It hampers me from the notion of this being an author’s blog. By […]

My Use

As I promised here’s how I use the note-taking apps, and I do use both: Evernote I use for all research for my fiction, and I start a new notebook for each category. For example, as I mentioned in the previous post, I created a separate notebook for my research on Boston for my current […]

Evernote vs. OneNote

I know: I haven’t updated this blog much this year… mea culpa. I’ve been writing other things, and I won’t fill this post with excuses… I’ll just go right into the content of this post: Evernote and OneNote: Compare and Contrast Both programs have use for writers as you will learn. Evernote https://www.evernote.com This has […]

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