How I’m Getting Back Into Regular Writing

I haven’t updated this blog with new content in a long time. Both my short story and my novel have been stalled. I hope to get a habit of regular writing started again. Why? The blog was due to burnout. Although this blog I’ve been publishing on for more than 3 years, I’ve grown exhausted…Continue Reading “How I’m Getting Back Into Regular Writing”

With my last post about Heinlein‘s juveniles, a list of them made sense. So, here they are: Here’s the list of Robert A. Heinlein’s Juveniles Rocket Ship Galileo, 1947 Space Cadet, 1948 Red Planet, 1949 Farmer in the Sky, 1950 Between Planets, 1951 The Rolling Stones aka Space Family Stone, 1952 Starman Jones, 1953 The…Continue Reading “List of Robert Heinlein’s Juvenile Novels”

Robert Heinlein, SF YA Precursor

When I researched this on Wikipedia I found that I’m not the only person to make that link.  Robert A. Heinlein was   one of the three people seen as pillars of the Golden Age of science fiction (that’s another post). He wrote many books and short stories, but a period of his novels are considered…Continue Reading “Robert Heinlein, SF YA Precursor”

Camp NaNoWriMo is still taking up my free time, so another guest post By Autumn Birt Start a Blog. It is one of the first pieces of advice given to aspiring authors. And it ends there like those three words provide all possible information on what you should do with said blog. It is like…Continue Reading “Using a Blog to Attract Readers”

Elmore Leonard I know that this is a few days late to actually be news. I am just sharing what he meant to me. (This will also be the first time that I ever posted something remotely negative on this blog.) The news: this 87-year old author died. He had 45 novels to his name as…Continue Reading “Elmore Leonard”

I’m giving a friend and fellow writer some hype here:

Sunday, March 17, 2013 3:00pm Come out to celebrate the launch of Judge Not. Food will be provided, and the first 20 people through the door will get a special gift. And while you’re there, try one of Mariposa Cafe’s fine selection of hot and cold beverages. Copies of Judge Not will be available for…Continue Reading “I’m giving a friend and fellow writer some hype here:”

Story vs. Dramatica

I read about Story this morning. It’s by Robert McKee, the author of Chinatown, long considered one of the best screenplays and movies of all time. So, I looked it up on Amazon.   What was also mentioned was Dramatica, also a book about writing stories, but one with a different approach to them. I…Continue Reading “Story vs. Dramatica”

Interesting Chuck Wendig Books

; These are available in both paper and Kindle form.