A Long Time Coming Indeed (The Documentary of a Legend)

(First posted on Medium.) Gord Downey, the singer-frontman of the band The Tragically Hip, lost his battle with brain cancer last week. He was 53. Last night, CTV here in Canada aired the documentary about his farewell tour across Canada, ending in his hometown Kingston, Ontario. Many Americans don’t know the band because they are more…Continue Reading “A Long Time Coming Indeed (The Documentary of a Legend)”

Spring Cleaning …. in Fall

After the last time that I said that I intended to update this blog more often, I stayed away even longer! Mea culpa – – but this time, there’s a reason. A good one: since May of this year (2017) I’ve been part of a group that posts on Medium. It’s just like blogging, but it…Continue Reading “Spring Cleaning …. in Fall”

My final post of 2016: Reflections

Here are my reflections on the year passed… I haven’t posted here since early October. Blog burnout is as self-doubt in writing. I’m experiencing both at the same time. Lucky me. Part of the Bad Year 2016 has been a bad year for many of us. Music icons have died. Many.  Celebrities in many other…Continue Reading “My final post of 2016: Reflections”

I’m back (finally)!

I’m still editing the settings on everything here (including the Theme and sidebar, plus my BlogRoll) but I now have most of  the basics installed, and  I can start posting again. I missed posting the past month. It’s been too quiet in my head. Related articles across the web Four Tips From Seasoned Bloggers 17…Continue Reading “I’m back (finally)!”

I haven’t updated this blog in a month. The reason for that is the limits that the WordPress hosting system puts on me. For a free blog they’re okay but not for my personal brand. Update soon.  

Cats and Writers

Today I’ll examine something less weighty; appropriate as it should not be a day for deep thoughts. It is Sunday, after all! What I’d like to discuss is how many writers (including me) have cats. My publishing imprint (Bosulliman Press) is based on a cat theme too. The origin of the name I’ll cover in…Continue Reading “Cats and Writers”

A Small Change

I’ve made a decision in two parts that will change this blog: First, I’ve created new categories of a more personal nature. I think that focusing this blog on writing only has limited the number of times that I post to it. It hampers me from the notion of this being an author’s blog. By…Continue Reading “A Small Change”