Long Time Away for Me

I was away writing (of course) but didn’t have a lot happen, full disclosure…

My novel funding didn’t go as far as I would have liked. It was a big learning experience however, and I’ll still finish it… I’m still trying to finish my novel for those who funded though. Of course, profits from others is good too!

I will try to crowdsource again; I’ll have to get my cover art done after all. I won’t ask the people who already funded me, and I’ll put together a separate post on this blog about what crowdsourcing is and ism’t.

In the past year I also attempted the script for an 8-page steampunk comic book story. Steampunk is a science fiction genre in which technology doesn’t exist as we know it. Clockwork mechanisms and steam power exists instead.

I’ve read comic books for over 3 decades, and I’ve written scripts for comics before, so I wanted to challenge myself again.

Fox Feature Syndicate

Fox Feature Syndicate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This didn’t distract me from my novel. 8 pages is a blip at most. There’s another reason: I blew it. I have maybe 4 pages of it done, but thanks to chronic fatigue I didn’t finish on time.

I will finish it though. The reason for this is simple: always finish what you start.

What also slowed me down was that I was learning how to write it with Scrivener. I use it to write everything (my novel to date is in it) but it uses a different method to write. The learning curve slowed me down.

There was a big change for me: with a paid novel to finish, I didn’t feel it would be fair for me to start another one midway, so for the first year since 2003 I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo. I may in 2015 after I finish my current novel.

Now I’m looking forward to launching my book.

Elmore Leonard



I know that this is a few days late to actually be news. I am just sharing what he meant to me.

(This will also be the first time that I ever posted something remotely negative on this blog.)

The news: this 87-year old author died. He had 45 novels to his name as well as screenplay credits. Some of his most popular novels were turned into movies, the most famous being Get Shorty with Jackie Brown a close second.

I first discovered his writing in a crime fiction course at junior college in 1987. Glitz was the book. Look for it yourself… Amazon sales links from me would be crass. Right away his writing style appealed to me.

He was against flowery text or fancy wording. He felt that they slowed down the stories. As a result his words in  print were lean and to the point. His ear for dialogue always was great reading.

He was known to me as an author of suspense and crime fiction, but he began his career writing westerns. The 3:16 to Yuma (hopefully I have the title right) was one of his.

He was a writer that I’ll never forget. If I can ever write dialogue similar to his I’ll be a happy man.


Wrote, Acted In and Shot

In 1990 I graduated from University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BfA) in Cinema. My strength was in scriptwriting.

At work recently we did a film. I wrote a sketch for it called Dates Can be Blind. It’s 4 1/2 pages, so less than 5 minutes. 1 page of script is roughly 1 minute.

I’ve written full-film 100-pagers, but I prefer shorter pieces like this. They tend to be more focused.

The director had an artistic vision for it. I really like collaboration like that… I’m good with plotting and dialogue, but others can have better visual ideas.

Except for my Script Frenzy entries I haven’t had a script filmed since 1990. I also haven’t acted since 1997; now I have again.

Editing was something I hated because of the large and bulky/tedious editing machines. Now the film was shot digital, and quickly edited on a Macbook Pro using IMovie. I really like today’s tools!

It was nice to revisit old creative worlds.