Reading Writing Books

Some people are puzzled by this: I am a writer, yet I still get books aimed at new writers like ones about plot structure, or creating characters, or on dialogue, and so on. Some books just make sense; I’m self-publishing on the Kindle, so I’m reading many books about that. In a  few months, I won’t…Continue Reading “Reading Writing Books”

There’s been no activity on this  blog for weeks, but that will change very soon… At the moment I’m working on what will be my longest post to date. I’ll be finished soon. Also, very shortly I’ll have an interview up on a friend’s blog. Keep checking up here. Related articles It has been quiet…Continue Reading “So quiet, will change soon”

I’m Supporting This. Your Turn Now

I backed the Beyond the Sun anthology, and now this one as well. Related articles Kickstarter Campaign for The Future Embodied Anthology is Live ( Triumph Over Tragedy: Anthology Release ( Anthologize 0.7 (  

John Locke’s Fraud

As I was starting to write for the Kindle I often heard author John Locke cited for selling a million books. He did, but what I’ve now learned puts the quality of his books in question: He paid people – people who never even read his books – to write fake reviews, reviews that spoke…Continue Reading “John Locke’s Fraud”

I had a writer blog on my personal Website until Blogger changed its posting method some time ago. Since I’ll be publishing on the Kindle platform soon I needed a new one. I  know some HTML, but I’m not an expert. WordPress does. With it I can be free to write instead of code.