NaNoWriMo 2013: How Did I Do?

As you can see above, it wasn’t a victory. Well, not for the competition, anyway. It’s still quite an accomplishment from zero words.

I have a good outline. My characters are well-defined. I wrote daily but not with enough BIC (Butt in Chair) to make my daily word quota. Thus, I’m not far enough in for my tastes.

I’ll take a break from it for several days to finish other projects, then I’ll continue it. Some people backed it, and I promised to get it done for them, rewrites and all. I keep my promises. Beside, I want to see if it will sell well in the Amazon platform.

NaNoWriMo 2013: My First Post

I haven’t updated here for some time for several reasons.

First was the Indiegogo campaign that I mentioned here. I asked many people that I know to get it funded. A few did, many didn’t. Some of those who didn’t seem a bit miffed. I’m hoping that some if not most of them will talk to me again.

In the end I didn’t achieve my campaign. However that hasn’t stopped me…

NaNoWriMo 13: I’m attempting the first draft of this novel as my NaNo this year. As my progress widget shows I’m further behind than I’d like but I’ve at least started it!

An Excerpt

In order to give you a taste for me to get my novel done, here’s a taste:

Tommy brought Alex into his office. No one would suspect something unusual about Rigger going to talk to his partner Shivver.

“You’ll have to be my wingman now,” Tommy said.

Alex frowned. “You’ve been gone for a while, so you don’t know: I’m not just muscle anymore.” Despite saying that, Rigger flexed his arms, stopping himself before he busted his sleeves.

“That’s not why.” Shivver sighed and shook his head. “I…I’ll have some difficulties.”is arm went through the mobile on his desk to demonstrate.”

Alex had seen some strange effects in his days as a wrestler, but this still surprised him. “Uhm… I could see how that could be a problem.”


Writing a Series (How to Sustain It)

Nederlands: Rigger met dol Categorie:Roeien

Nederlands: Rigger met dol Categorie:Roeien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I intend to keep Rigger, Mortiz and Shivver going as a series as I’ve said before. How I plan to do so in part has to do with the “worlds” of the characters. They each bring a different dimension to stories, and as a result different approaches to the stories and avenues to explore:

Rigger is a former wrestler (although he’s bettered himself). I know a lot about the inner workings of it plus I’ve seen many exciting and visual matches. I can provide the world of the physical through him.

Yolanda Mortiz comes from a family of cops. Through her I’ll be able to bring the world of the procedural. I’ve also read a lot of crime fiction (not CSI stuff; I’m not into gore), so I’ll also be able to Deutsch: Logo der Fernsehserie CSI: Den Tätern...  bring that world in.

Tommy Shivver… well, I won’t spoil everything to come about him (though you already know that he’s a ghost). He’ll bring the world of the supernatural to the stories, as well as a mystery central to everything.

Sprinkle in a bit of humor, and I’ll have a lot to work with.

My Actual Novel Illustrator

(This gives me more content for this blog… and few would read it on my project yet anyway.)

As I said in my project text, the image that I”m using right now for my project isn’t what I’ll ultimately go with. It’s better than what I can draw myself, but it’s pretty static, lacking the dynamics of what I’d most like. Plus, the artist’s plate is too busy right now to rework it.

For the style that I want I asked another illustrator that I’ve known for many years: Ty Templeton.

art by Ty Templeton. The Royal Flush Gang (c) 2013 by DC Entertainment.

art by Ty Templeton. The Royal Flush Gang (c) 2013 by DC Entertainment. 

He’s a teacher at Max the Mutt, a major animation school in Toronto, Canada, he also draws comics for a living. His series Stig’s Inferno is a classic.

If you’d like to be a patron of my project you can do so here.


I’ve Talked the Talk, Now I’m Walking the Walk

I now have a novel project on Indiegogo:

Kickstarter now accepts projects from Canada, but it only has an all-or-nothing plan: you make your funding goal or you get nothing.

I’ve already got over 100 notes in my mind map for this. Hope it goes well!

It goes without saying that I’ll be using all of my writing chops for this.


Outline Plans

For my series (at least for the first 3 books) I plan to use Joseph Campbell‘s Hero’s Journey (actually the entire series arc will use much of it)

English: This image outlines the basic path of...


I’ll use another plot form to shape the storyline too: the structure used for the original Star Wars trilogy in the late 70s through the early 80s. Not episodes I-III. I have my opinion on those, but they aren’t the focus of this blog nor the point of this post.

Français : Logo de la trilogie original de Sta...

Français : Logo de la trilogie original de Star Wars retouché. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover of "Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Va...

Cover via Amazon

No Dark Lord or puppets planned. What I mean is that the second novel will be darker than the other books. Things will seem far more bleak for my heroes.

That actually follows the structure of most fiction: in order to make the story climax more satisfying to readers, the hero(es) need to have many challenges heaped on them.

The only change here is that this will happen in an entire book.

The best thing, I’ll have no Jar-Jar Binks!


So quiet, will change soon

There’s been no activity on this  blog for weeks, but that will change very soon…

At the moment I’m working on what will be my longest post to date. I’ll be finished soon.

Also, very shortly I’ll have an interview up on a friend’s blog. Keep checking up here.

My Character Origin

The characters that I will use in my novel (I won’t name them directly here so no other writer can take them yet) I originally created over 20 years ago.

I was a contributing member to   a private APA in the mid 1990s. APA is the term for an Amateur Press Association; essentially it’s a fanzine grouping together individual zines of the membership.

I’m very much into puns, so for a shared world project I created a group with punning names. Though the names were puns, the characters — and their skills — were  (and are) legitimate.

Move forward two  decades. They came to my mind. From that books will grow.

One that I Almost Forgot:

Lucien Soulban: I used to game with him, before 1996.

He began writing for RPGs and still does. He won several awards for it.

He’s also written several novels, short stories for anthologies and has a Webcomic that he writes too. He also headed the writing for the Far Cry 3 videogame.

As you see, what a writer writes doesn’t pigeon hole them into just one style of it.