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Crowdsourcing 101

I did this near the end of 2013 for a novel onĀ Indiegogo. I’ll talk more about that novel in another post. I’ll have to do it again at some point. I didn’t achieve my full funding goal then… in part because many people didn’t really understand what I was trying to do, so I’ll attempt […]

Long Time Away for Me

I was away writing (of course) but didn’t have a lot happen, full disclosure… My novel funding didn’t go as far as I would have liked. It was a big learning experience however, and I’ll still finish it… I’m still trying to finish my novel for those who funded though. Of course, profits from others […]

Back to Work!

To my day job, blogging and writing. I’ve been at home for 2 weeks due to my holiday break. I also took time off from writing to recharge my creativity. Even though my Indiegogo campaign didn’t make funding, I still intend to finish the novel. Most of the people who did pledge I know in […]

An Excerpt

In order to give you a taste for me to get my novel done, here’s a taste: Tommy brought Alex into his office. No one would suspect something unusual about Rigger going to talk to his partner Shivver. “You’ll have to be my wingman now,” Tommy said. Alex frowned. “You’ve been gone for a while, […]

My Actual Novel Illustrator

(This gives me more content for this blog… and few would read it on my project yet anyway.) As I said in my project text, the image that I”m using right now for my project isn’t what I’ll ultimately go with. It’s better than what I can draw myself, but it’s pretty static, lacking the […]

I’ve Talked the Talk, Now I’m Walking the Walk

I now have a novel project on Indiegogo: Kickstarter now accepts projects from Canada, but it only has an all-or-nothing plan: you make your funding goal or you get nothing. I’ve already got over 100 notes in my mind map for this. Hope it goes well! It goes without saying that I’ll be using […]

Outline Plans

For my series (at least for the first 3 books) I plan to use Joseph Campbell‘s Hero’s Journey (actually the entire series arc will use much of it)   I’ll use another plot form to shape the storyline too: the structure used for the original Star Wars trilogy in the late 70s through the early […]

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