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The origins of Bosulliman

I gave this name to my Publishing venture. To many it sounds unusual to many; that’s intentional. Where did I get the name though? When I began studying Animation in University in 1987, I was paired up with another guy I became friends with. I thought his last name was O’Sullivan. With that in mind […]

Past-due updates

Sorry that I didn’t post sooner. This past weekend was the Montreal Comic Con. It was a great event and I needed a few more days to decompress. A lot has happened since then. First, here’s the logo for my upcoming book company: I was impressed by what artist Marc-Alex Belanger created. I have also […]

Blog Look Change

I changed this blog’s WordPress theme . Much as I liked the look of the old one, Pages that I added wouldn’t show. ¬†They do now, and my newsletter signup is now visible. I have to get the first newsletter done now! Speaking of changes, above is the logo for my Kindle publishing company, what […]

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