Pat Flewelling, on alternative plotting

It’s quid pro quo time.. over a year ago I posted on Pat’s blog (here‘s a link to the blog), now she’s returning the favor. With me writing for Camp NaNoWriMo right now, this is an appropriate post. I’m not as prolific, but few people are! At last count, I’ve written 59 novel-length manuscripts since…Continue Reading “Pat Flewelling, on alternative plotting”

I now have a novel project on Indiegogo: Kickstarter now accepts projects from Canada, but it only has an all-or-nothing plan: you make your funding goal or you get nothing. I’ve already got over 100 notes in my mind map for this. Hope it goes well! It goes without saying that I’ll be using…Continue Reading “I’ve Talked the Talk, Now I’m Walking the Walk”

I have been a fiction writer since the start of high school. Whenever we learned a new verb tense or series of words in English class and had a writing assignment to put what we learned into use I would put them into a story that I ultimately never completed. (Actually, friends remember me as…Continue Reading “I’m OK With It”