Writing a Series (How to Sustain It)

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Nederlands: Rigger met dol Categorie:Roeien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I intend to keep Rigger, Mortiz and Shivver going as a series as I’ve said before. How I plan to do so in part has to do with the “worlds” of the characters. They each bring a different dimension to stories, and as a result different approaches to the stories and avenues to explore:

Rigger is a former wrestler (although he’s bettered himself). I know a lot about the inner workings of it plus I’ve seen many exciting and visual matches. I can provide the world of the physical through him.

Yolanda Mortiz comes from a family of cops. Through her I’ll be able to bring the world of the procedural. I’ve also read a lot of crime fiction (not CSI stuff; I’m not into gore), so I’ll also be able to Deutsch: Logo der Fernsehserie CSI: Den Tätern...  bring that world in.

Tommy Shivver… well, I won’t spoil everything to come about him (though you already know that he’s a ghost). He’ll bring the world of the supernatural to the stories, as well as a mystery central to everything.

Sprinkle in a bit of humor, and I’ll have a lot to work with.

Elmore Leonard



I know that this is a few days late to actually be news. I am just sharing what he meant to me.

(This will also be the first time that I ever posted something remotely negative on this blog.)

The news: this 87-year old author died. He had 45 novels to his name as well as screenplay credits. Some of his most popular novels were turned into movies, the most famous being Get Shorty with Jackie Brown a close second.

I first discovered his writing in a crime fiction course at junior college in 1987. Glitz was the book. Look for it yourself… Amazon sales links from me would be crass. Right away his writing style appealed to me.

He was against flowery text or fancy wording. He felt that they slowed down the stories. As a result his words in  print were lean and to the point. His ear for dialogue always was great reading.

He was known to me as an author of suspense and crime fiction, but he began his career writing westerns. The 3:16 to Yuma (hopefully I have the title right) was one of his.

He was a writer that I’ll never forget. If I can ever write dialogue similar to his I’ll be a happy man.