Arcs, Not Arc of the Covenant

(I’m likely dating myself with a reference to the first Raiders of the Lost Ark…) I’m currently reading an advice book about writing a series (appropriate. I’m hoping that my Indiegogo project will be the start of one). The portion that I’m currently reading talks about the differences between story- and series arcs. A story…Continue Reading “Arcs, Not Arc of the Covenant”

I’m Supporting This. Your Turn Now

I backed the Beyond the Sun¬†anthology, and now this one as well. Related articles Kickstarter Campaign for The Future Embodied Anthology is Live ( Triumph Over Tragedy: Anthology Release ( Anthologize 0.7 (  

A Worthy Kickstarter I backed this and I hope this post helps it make its goal. I support all forms of fiction, not just the genres that I write. Related articles A Worth Kickstarter Money Troubles: What Happens When Kickstarters Fail? Donate to Joe Meek documentary, perk items include Joe Meek compressors!  

My Realizations on Story and Plot

I thought these were interchangeable names for the same thing. I’m currently reading a book called ‘Steal This Plot’ however and realize I thought wrong: a story is a unique thing to each individual author… but the underlying plot is a different animal; in fact it may have been used before, even in ancient days….Continue Reading “My Realizations on Story and Plot”

Writing Suspense

I’m reading a Kindle book about writing page-turner/suspense tales at the moment (I’m ¬†not reading about genres at random… there’s a reason for it All will be explained soon, and it’ll make sense). I’ll definitely use what I’m learning!   Suspense can be in the mystery genre, though there are differences. This book describes those…Continue Reading “Writing Suspense”