Newsletter “Fame”

Last week the latest issue of the newsletter at work came out. It’s over 21 pages long, so it would be more accurate to call it a journal… whatever one that we call it, I have 4 articles in it.

Our editor encouraged this, calling me the new writing machine for it.  That’s an accurate title for me, because I produce an article every 2-3 classes.

The reason for my new title however is not one I looked forward to:

For years my friend Guyette Fleurant was our writing machine. I first met her about 16 years ago, and we both wrote for 3 different newsletters over that time.

March 4 of this  year she died. Several of us gave tributes to her in the newsletter, me included – in a piece called Our Ides of March (I know, that’s not chronologically correct. It just seemed an appropriate sentiment).

So now I occupy her position on the newsletter – but I’d never say that I can take her place. I write a lot, but in quantity, not in terms of article length. Also, not with the passion that she had.

If ever I can achieve a fraction of what she did, I’ll consider myself lucky.

When People Write for Free, Who Pays?

Article on Gawker

I write articles  for the newsletter at work. I don’t get paid any extra for it,  You could say that I’m writing for free.

Is this bad? I don’t think so. This month I’ll be launching my first Kindle novels through Indiegogo (trust me, you’ll hear about it here among other sources), and I have a few other projects too… the newsletter for me is pure non-fiction though; I always benefit from further practice in that area. The more that I write, the better that I get in it, and the more confident I grow.

Those I’d see as reasons that while I don’t get cash for it it’s not really free. Plus for other magazines it will be for money.