NaNoWriMo 2013: How Did I Do?

As you can see above, it wasn’t a victory. Well, not for the competition, anyway. It’s still quite an accomplishment from zero words.

I have a good outline. My characters are well-defined. I wrote daily but not with enough BIC (Butt in Chair) to make my daily word quota. Thus, I’m not far enough in for my tastes.

I’ll take a break from it for several days to finish other projects, then I’ll continue it. Some people backed it, and I promised to get it done for them, rewrites and all. I keep my promises. Beside, I want to see if it will sell well in the Amazon platform.

NaNoWriMo 2012: How’d I Do?

First off: my apologies. Save for my progress bar for my novel, I didn’t really update this blog all November.

I was hard at work on my novel, but not hard enough. I never made my daily word quota, my most productive day 1400 words. My final word count:  23923. Almost — but not quite — halfway.

That’s a personal victory. Last year due to exhaustion from work I didn’t even write 19 K. New director for my work program and I topped it.

Here’s a little ‘secret’ about NaNo: getting to the finish line is great, but even if I had just written 1 word, I would already have won. The number of people who have even begun a novel before is minimal.


Late Updates

I think that I’ll have to change my update schedule for this blog. A daily update isn’t easy to maintain… not if I want every post to be a quality one. I’ll announce my new posting schedule very soon.

I have some updates to share, both about here and  my author Fan page on Facebook:

  •  I’ve added a tab for a newsletter. I haven’t yet made it work though. I may have to create one in my autoresponder instead. Also: I created a Page for it here, so I may use that instead.
  • I don’t yet know if it works, but I attempted to add a NaNoWriMo widget to the blog sidebar. I can use it as extra pressure to complete my novel.

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