Writing for Children – Maybe, Maybe Not

Currently I’m reading a book about starting to write for kids using stories in the Public Domain to launch your own works from.

One of the novels that I had great success with in NaNoWriMo was a young adult one. This was only a first draft and several revisions away from really being good, but I may have a modicum of success in that field.

That same method can be used for work for adults too. Snow White

Snow White

led to the classic animated tale from Disney, but it was also the template for two recent films: Snow White and the Huntsman and the Julia Roberts dud Mirror, Mirror

English: Julia Roberts attending the premiere ...

English: Julia Roberts attending the premiere of Jesus Henry Christ at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

as well as one of the storylines on the TV show Once Upon a Time.¬†Grimm’s’ Fairy Tales led to the TV show Grimm.

I could easily use such PD to create adult tales!

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Chuck Wendig

Currently I’m reading¬†500 Ways to Be a Better Writer. I plan to buy his books about being a Freelance Penmonkey once I make a good dent in my reading pile; having a Kindle app and access to many free books I got a lot!

His writing style isn’t to everyone’s taste. He’s very caustic, swears a lot, and as a result can seem very crude.

Thing is: wasn’t Hunter S. Thompson abrasive and at times hard to take? He was seen as a ‘gonzo journalist’; Wendig is a ‘gonzo writer’.


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