Wrote, Acted In and Shot

In 1990 I graduated from University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BfA) in Cinema. My strength was in scriptwriting.

At work recently we did a film. I wrote a sketch for it called Dates Can be Blind. It’s 4 1/2 pages, so less than 5 minutes. 1 page of script is roughly 1 minute.

I’ve written full-film 100-pagers, but I prefer shorter pieces like this. They tend to be more focused.

The director had an artistic vision for it. I really like collaboration like that… I’m good with plotting and dialogue, but others can have better visual ideas.

Except for my Script Frenzy entries I haven’t had a script filmed since 1990. I also haven’t acted since 1997; now I have again.

Editing was something I hated because of the large and bulky/tedious editing machines. Now the film was shot digital, and quickly edited on a Macbook Pro using IMovie. I really like today’s tools!

It was nice to revisit old creative worlds.


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