A Super(s) Possibility

I have been reading comicbooks for most of my life (over 30 years; I’m 45 now). Most of them have been — and still are — superhero books.

I’ve been playing role-playing games for just as long; it’s no surprise then that I write for superhero games.

Now comes this news:

The Supers RPG from Hazard Studios

Zenith Comics Acquires SUPERS!

Story here

Now I’ve known EIC Andrew Collas for years.  We used to game together (since I devote my time to reading/research and writing, I don’t play as much). That may get me a foot in the door to work for them.

At the moment I’m writing my Hunters’ Inc.  book for 4 other systems. When I’m done this might be a fifth (they do third party support, so it wouldn’t violate rights). They also have a  comicbook division. Maybe I should try that too?

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