Writing Suspense

I’m reading a Kindle book about writing page-turner/suspense tales at the moment (I’m  not reading about genres at random… there’s a reason for it All will be explained soon, and it’ll make sense). I’ll definitely use what I’m learning!

Alfred Hitchcock


Suspense can be in the mystery genre, though there are differences. This book describes those differences, including my favorite quote from the legendary Alfred Hitchcock  (a bomb is in a bag below a table with two people. We know, but they don’t).

My current novel plans have elements of the paranormal, romance, comedy and suspense (I don’t believe in being pigeon-holed into a single category). This is advice that I’ll use for future novels too.



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  • Looking forward to reading what you’ve learnt about writing suspense.

    I’ve found plenty of articles online on how to write so that you show a story rather than tell a story. Yet I haven’t found anything that deals with how to show different types of story atmospheres (like how to build suspense in horror stories, or build tension in a love story).


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