I’m OK With It

I have been a fiction writer since the start of high school. Whenever we learned a new verb tense or series of words in English class and had a writing assignment to put what we learned into use I would put them into a story that I ultimately never completed.

(Actually, friends remember me as very imaginative in elementary too, but that’s not relevant to the point here.)

I have been trying to get published in prose for quite some time and have collected a pile of rejection slips. I’m not complaining; each rejection is just a step closer to an acceptance.Anyway, I’ll be publishing on the Kindle (and Smashwords) in 2013, so the decision will be my own.

While I’m still trying to get into the fiction scene, I’ve had much succexss in non-fiction. I’ve written many pieces for the newsletter at work for many years now. Most of my 20+ years in APAs and in my own zine (now part of the fabric of Canada due to my Aurora Award win) I’ve written interviews and reviews, as well as an article for my deceased friend Emru Townsend’s fps magazine.

Several years ago some belittled my accomplishments, saying that they weren’t the same as fiction (a different genre doesn’t mean that different rules apply). I began to doubt myself, but don’t anymore.

As I said I haven’t given up on fiction. Instead, I also embrace my other writing styles.


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