My Goals for 2013

Not resolutions. I don’t make those, because I actually hope to achieve these!

English: Picture I made for my goals article
English: Picture I made for my goals article (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a few big tasks that I will attempt this year:

  • I’ve posted about this a few times, but chronic fatigue has stopped me from getting it done: get my 3 other versions of Hunters’ Inc. done.
  • When the 3 other versions are done, I’ll make a pitch for a fourth in Supers, since that also has 3rd-party stuff allowed.
  • When those are in I have a sequel book to pitch. I already wrote it; my former publisher closed down before we could look at it.
  • I have a short story to revise and try as a Kindle single.
  • This one will be my biggest challenge / adventure for the year: to start a novel series. I have the characters and premise written out  now I need the plot and then have to write the book(s).

It’s only the 1st day of the year, and I already have it mapped out!


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