The origins of Bosulliman

I gave this name to my Publishing venture. To many it sounds unusual to many; that’s intentional. Where did I get the name though?

When I began studying Animation in University in 1987, I was paired up with another guy I became friends with. I thought his last name was O’Sullivan.

With that in mind I mixed it with my own last name (Boman) and came to Bosulliman.

My mismanagement of names in memory can be a constant, and this situation followed that rule: his last name was O’Connor.

The studio name obviously didn’t happen, but the name stuck in the back of my brain. It ┬ácame back to me now.

Another friend from a different group – the Montreal chapter of NaNoWriMo – is a graphic designer. He designed the logo that I’ll be using. I posted it here before but I’ll do so again now:




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