Writing a Series (How to Sustain It)

Nederlands: Rigger met dol Categorie:Roeien
Nederlands: Rigger met dol Categorie:Roeien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I intend to keep Rigger, Mortiz and Shivver going as a series as I’ve said before. How I plan to do so in part has to do with the “worlds” of the characters. They each bring a different dimension to stories, and as a result different approaches to the stories and avenues to explore:

Rigger is a former wrestler (although he’s bettered himself). I know a lot about the inner workings of it plus I’ve seen many exciting and visual matches. I can provide the world of the physical through him.

Yolanda Mortiz comes from a family of cops. Through her I’ll be able to bring the world of the procedural. I’ve also read a lot of crime fiction (not CSI stuff; I’m not into gore), so I’ll also be able to Deutsch: Logo der Fernsehserie CSI: Den Tätern...  bring that world in.

Tommy Shivver… well, I won’t spoil everything to come about him (though you already know that he’s a ghost). He’ll bring the world of the supernatural to the stories, as well as a mystery central to everything.

Sprinkle in a bit of humor, and I’ll have a lot to work with.


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