Scrivener for Blogging, part 2

Scrivener (software)
Scrivener (software) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first attempt to write this disappeared — which is why there was a long delay between the last post and this one — so I’ll write this over from scratch.

(This is part of the benefit of writing a blog in Scrivener: you have another copy of things available. I had begun this post before, but it vanished from where I’d begun it. Now I have to start it all over again — but I won’t lose it once more.)

You’re probably wondering why there is a need for another Archive when there’s an archive already in most blog software.

The answer: when a blog has been around for awhile (I have one that’s several years old, for example) it becomes very much a chore to wade through. You can track through posts in Scrivener by creating tags set up in the Keyword tab. That takes a few seconds.

Also you can save multiple versions of your posts in Scrivener or even save them as Snapshots. You can save a post as a draft on many blog software (like WordPress for me) but it only saves one version. Multiple ones is a better option.

English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...
English: The logo of the blogging software WordPress. Deutsch: WordPress Logo 中文: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another benefit: this way it’s possible to work on several posts at once. In this way you can keep several posts at once, to keep up a more regular schedule for posting (I know: I haven’t done that in a long time. I’m working on it). I’ll try that, and see if it helps.

Having separate folders for Guest Posts and Affiliate Links will help you to keep them at the ready, and in the case of Links ready for you to access to reuse as needed.

So, Scrivener can be an excellent tool to keep a blog with. I always try to practice what I preach. We’ll see if it helps me.



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